Our company is pioneering the research, development and commercialisation of new resorbable biomaterials for diverse medical applications. We partner with future-focused medical device innovators to deliver better implantable devices that help people heal. Our 4D Design™ Innovation Hub helps drive efficient device optimisation and accelerate product launch readiness.

Our technology is a resorbable polymer platform based on novel polycarbonate-urethane chemistry that is marketed under our brand name 4Degra®. These advanced, patent-protected photopolymers possess a unique set of desirable properties and are the only route to 3D printing high resolution resorbable medical devices at the macro, micro and nano scale.

Our people are passionate about developing materials and devices that will improve treatment experiences and outcomes for patients and clinicians.

Our values are at the heart of our business and guide how we work and how we interact with all those who engage with us.

  • PASSION – We will enjoy our journey. We are committed to drive value growth for our organisation, our customers and the patients they serve.
  • INTEGRITY – We will base our decisions and actions on honesty, respect and understanding towards others. We will do the right thing, be open to challenge and strive to deliver on our promises.
  • GROWTH – We are pioneers, and sometimes we will take the wrong path. We will collectively own our mistakes, work diligently to correct them, and always learn from them.
  • TEAMWORK – We will constantly challenge ourselves and our team mates to be better. We will support and encourage each other in positive ways.

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